ZombiU – In The Eye of ZombiU – Episode 3

Ubisoft just released Episode 3 of their In the Eye of ZombiU video series which takes a closer look at the game’s unique features as the Ubisoft development team talk through the features and elements of the game. Here are all three episodes in case you missed the first two.

ZombiU live action videos

Ubisoft released some cool ZombiU live action videos as promotion for the game which heads the Nintendo Wii U launch line-up. The accompanying text reads: A highly infectious, cannibalistic virus has hit us. Please remain calm. The government is working on a cure and it will be ready in a

ZombiU In the Eye of ZombiU part 2

Ubisoft released a new episode in their ZombiU developer diary videos entitled ‘A City of Blood & Fire’. This episode, Gabrielle Shrager and Antony Johnston, Story Design co-directors, tell us more about the story and setting behind the game. You can catch the first episode here: