AEW: Fight Forever – Announcement Teaser

Fight Fans rejoice, as AEW: Fight Forever announced with THQ Nordic at the helm publishing the Yukes developed game. Check out the announcement teaser trailer which doesn’t provide any gameplay unfortunately. About AEW: Fight Forever Features: Match Types Single Matches Tag-Team 3-Way 4-Way Ladder Matches Casino Battle Royale Falls Count

WWE 2K16 Review

Developers Yukes are back again with their latest WWE offering with WWE 2K16 after so many years of being the masters of making wrestling games you would think by now the representations are pure perfection. Well, in a nutshell WWE 2K16 does a lot of things right but it’s a

WWE’13 review

The latest wrestling game has recently grappled its way onto store shelves, and with the yearly release we can expect some refinements and all-new additions, as WWE ’13 adopts a new – or rather, old direction and it does so with great Attitude. THQ’s long-running SmackDown series, later named SmackDown

WWE 13 launch trailer rides in

THQ released the WWE 13 launch trailer to set the tone, and the mood for the forthcoming yearly wrestler. This one aims to be more creative than before but don’t take our word for it. Check out the trailer which gives a good overview of the game.

WWE 13 – I Quit match screenshots

THQ released some screenshots from its forthcoming WWE 13 which features a whole host of classic modes,including the famous, I Quit match where the loser has to publicly declare they quit the match after being beaten to a pulp by their opponent.

Rumble Roses XX review

I enjoyed the original Rumble Roses on the PS2 despite some rather disappointing features the game had such as the rather lame voice acting and convoluted story mode. Regardless of the game’s negative components the fighting engine was of a pretty decent standard and was fairly fun to play. Well