Xbox Live

Xbox rewards birthdays with measly offering

Being  a member of Xbox Live since the original Xbox and a proud member of the rewards scheme really doesn’t pay dividends if you’re hoping to amass lots of points or other gifts for your efforts and commitment. Although it has to be said that places like Tescos and Sainsbury’s

World Series of Poker coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft has just announced that it will be offering World Series of Poker as a free to play title for Xbox Liver users. The game’s full title is World Series of Poker: Full House Pro and will be available this Spring. Take a look at some screenshots. Gameplay features include:

Kinect Sports Gems on Live

Kinect Sports Gems, went live this week to all Xbox LIVE members and allows gamers to try some mini games from the developers of Kinect Sports (RARE). The games are simple to play and access and offer extra achievements (up to 10). What’s probably the best news, is each week

Grab the new DmC Devil May Cry demo now

Capcom has reminded gamers that the DmC Devil May Cry demo is available to download via Xbox LIVE  today and via the PSN from  tomorrow, Wednesday 21st November, across Europe.  Check out the demo trailer.  The DmC Devil May Cry demo allows players  the chance to sample the combat and

Xbox Live is over 10 years old

It seems such a long time ago – and it is – but as a reminder Xbox Live is over 10 years old now and continually grows despite the service being subscription based. Whilst competition from Sony’s free of charge PSN looks like the better deal, Xbox Live has continued