Wales Interactive

Sker Ritual – Reveal Trailer

Wales Interactive reveals Sker Ritual, a new co-op survival FPS coming to consoles and PC. You can wishlist the game via Steam now. A 1-4 PLAYER ROUND-BASED CO-OP EXPERIENCEDesigned for playing solo, or up-to 4-players online. Short of a teammate? No worries, the intensity of Sker Island’s hordes scale to

BLOODSHORE – An Interactive Movie – Teaser Trailer

Wales Interactive presents a new FMV style adventure game coming to most platforms entitled Bloodshore. The game follows Nick, a washed-up actor who is competing on Kill/Stream for a life-changing cash prize, although a sinister truth is hidden on The Island he finds himself in. Each playthrough changes dramatically depending

Time Carnage – VR Announcement Trailer

Wales Interactive presents the VR shooter Time Carnage coming to PSVR, Rift and Vive this April. Travel through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies. Unlock and upgrade your arsenal with mix-and-match weapons, time-altering perks and arcade cheats. Choose your loadout wisely as you’ll

Late Shift Review

“Choose your own adventure” books were a staple among my friends and I growing up. It took us from passive observers to taking charge of whatever quest filled the pages in our hands before home consoles were the great escape to another world. This style of entertainment transitioned into the

The Bunker Gameplay (PS4/PC/Xbox One)

A quick look at the opening moments of Splendy Interactive and Wales Interactive’s FMV point and click adventure game which is available now via Steam. You play as a lone survivor in a nuclear fallout shelter or bunker with some survival and strange happenings going on. About The Bunker: As

Master Reboot sci-fi horror comes to Steam

Indie developer Wales Interactive has released its sci-fi horror adventure game, Master Reboot on Steam and is available for a discounted introductory price of £10.79.  The game offers some great looking visuals and blends puzzle adventure gaming with chilling audio and exploration gameplay. Take a look at the trailer.