United Front Games

SMASH+GRAB Developer Gameplay Walkthrough

United Front Games showcase some inner workings of their team based multiplayer game Smash+Grab in this latest developer gameplay walkthrough. Learn strategies for combat and team-play in the ‘Take Back’ mode – one of two exciting modes available now with the game’s Early Access Launch. You can check out the

Smash+Grab Online Multiplayer Available Now

The Online Multiplayer game from United Front Games, Smash+Grab is available now via Early Access on Steam for just under £13. Build your team and then fight it out for supremacy of the streets and stores. Check out the trailer to get a greater idea of what to expect from

Smash + Grab Teaser Trailer

United Front Games has today revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Smash + Grab which comes to Steam Early Access. Smash + Grab is an underground competition where gangs of the future battle it out for loot, power, and infamy inside a corporate urban dystopia. Find out more about

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Review

United Front’s 2012 sleeper-hit has surprisingly been re-awoken for a new generation début with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. We determine if this re-release is worthy of its ‘Definitive Edition moniker’, with its new graphical bells, whistles and all the previously released DLC in one package. Perhaps more importantly, is there

Triad Wars (Sleeping Dogs) Trailer

United Front Games released a new trailer for their forthcoming Triad Wars which is a sequel to their popular Sleeping Dogs. The new game focuses on being a triad member and having an open Hong Kong playground to mess around in.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition official trailer

Square Enix confirms the upcoming Sleeping Dogs remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One audiences with the release of a trailer to whet the appetite. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition from United Front Games will be coming later this year and features enhanced visuals and gameplay elements.

Sleeping Dogs DLC packs available now

Square and United Front Games has revealed that two new Sleeping Dogs DLC packs are available for their action packed game. From today, players can sink their teeth into the Dragon Master Pack (640MSP, $7.99, €6.49, £5.10) and The Square Enix Character Pack (160MSP, $1.99, €1.49, £1.19). PACK DETAILS: Dragon

Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in Northpoint available now

Square Enix has reminded that the latest Downloadable Content package for its Sleeping Dogs is available to download now. Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in Northpoint adds a ghostly feel to the game in keeping with the seasonal flavour and is story based for the first time. Check out the trailer and

Sleeping Dogs DLC packs available now

Gamers can now download two packs from Xbox Live or PSN for Square’s Sleeping Dogs.  The SWAT pack and the must-have Screen Legends pack introduces extra missions and some new outfits. The SWAT Pack (320MSP, $3.99, €2.99, £2.39) and the Screen Legends Pack (160MSP, $1.99 / €1.49 / £1.19) are