Transformers Devastation Review

Every 80’s kid rushed home from school to watch the Transformers cartoon show and if you didn’t your childhood sucked. That is pretty harsh, but there was nothing in the world better (until the NES came out) than immersing yourself into that fantastic universe that was created in bright vivid

Transformers Devastation Gameplay Trailer

Activision released a new Transformers Devastation gameplay trailer today which shows off more Autobot versus Decepticon action. The game is being developed by Platinum Games and features a distinctive cel shaded look which matches the original animated series.

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation Teaser Trailer

Platinum Games who are well known for their Bayonetta games are developing an all new Transformers game for consoles and PC. This one is entitled Transformers: Devastation and looks set to encompass the comic book look of the original cartoons using cel shaded graphics effects. Take a look at the