The Last of Us

The Last of Us fresh screenshots

Naughty Dog and Sony released some The Last of Us fresh screenshots following the lifting of their preview embargo a few days ago. Take a lo0k at the screens that are taken from the previously released gameplay clip. [nggallery id=56]

The Last of Us demo confirmed

Sony has announced that the eagerly anticipated, The Last of Us will be getting a demo which access will be available for those who purchase God of War: Ascension. The demo will become available to all at a later date but nothing has been hinted at thus far.  It’s not

The Last of Us Tess details

The Last of Us from Naughty Dog is looking like a killer exclusive for PS3 gamers, but there’s plenty more to be excited about as the official Playstation Blog reveals some more about the game, including new character  for The Last of Us Tess. Head on over for the full

The Last of Us VGA 2012 trailer

The Last of Us story reveal trailer was unveiled at the Video Game Awards 2012 and here it is for your viewing pleasure. You will  need to skip to around 2:30 in the video to get to The Last of Us VGA 2012 trailer, but the other stuff is well

The third parties won E3’12

With all the kerfuffle over which of the big three won E3 this year the reality is that whilst Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all showcased new wares and services, the third party game support has blown through the roof. What’s more, the reaction to those games has been positively glowing.

Best looking games of E3 2012

With E3 2012 coming to a close for another year, like everyone else we’ve been blown away by some of the game which have been on offer. However, there have been a number of games which have produced some excellent graphics, making it unclear why there’s a rush to head