The Coalition

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review

When the Xbox 360 was announced a plethora of beloved franchises and new intellectual properties drew me to purchase a new console. I’d like to say it was all because of Halo 3, but after seeing the Mad World trailer for Gears of War I was hooked. When it finally

Remastering Gears of War Environments Video

The Coalition posted a new video of the forthcoming Xbox One and PC exclusive Gears of War Ultimate which is much improved over the Xbox 360 original game. The video highlights the graphical overhaul of the environments and showcases the effort spared in creating an almost entirely new look for

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Opening Cinematic

The Coalition released a complete opening cinematic video from the forthcoming Gears of War Ultimate Edition which launches on August 28th 2015 exclusively on Xbox One. Gamers who buy the game (RRP £29.99) will be able to pre-download from today. To find out more about the game take a look