Sine Mora

Xbox Games with Gold – June 2020

Here is a look at the upcoming Xbox Games With Gold for next month. For Xbox One gamers can play Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Coffee Talk. For Xbox 360 players (and through Xbox One backward compatibility) Destroy All Humans! and SINE MORA.

Sine Mora is now on PC

Grasshopper Manufacture’s shmup which saw success on Xbox is now all fired up and ready to go as Sine Mora is now on PC from today via digital download. To celebrate the digital release of Sine Mora, Kalypso Digital released a new trailer which shows off the improved visuals and

Sine Mora review

Sine Mora is a old school style side scrolling shoot em up or shmup Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game presents a diesel-punk setting where you get to pilot aircraft through a number of colourful stages, shooting everything