A Rite From The Stars Gameplay Trailer

Developer Rising Goat released a new gameplay trailer for their forthcoming 3D point and click adventure game, A Rite From The Stars which will be available in February 2015 for PC, Mac, Wii U and OUYA. There’s also a demo available now to try out. For more information take a

Whispering Willows Teaser Trailer and screens

Night Light Interactive released a new trailer for their forthcoming 2D side scrolling horror game, Whispering Willows which will be launching on the OUYA and PC on May 27th and June 7th respectively. For more details head on over to the official website. About Whispering Willows: In Whispering Willows, players will take

Ouya launch line up of games

The $99 Ouya is expected to launch to retail in the coming months, what about the games? Well here’s a list of Ouya launch titles for now which should offer something for everyone. Also remembering that every game should at least allow players to demo them first before buying which

OUYA coming in at $99

The Kickstarter backed OUYA is coming to market at just under $100 later this year in June and is ready to take over the living room with its try before you buy system. Gamers can pre-order the device already from major outlets such as Amazon, and its founder is hoping