Oculus Touch

Robo Recall Gameplay First Mission

Epic Games released their Oculus Rift exclusive shooter Robo Recall yesterday as a free game for those who have purchased Touch controllers. You shoot robots, upgrade weapons and even mod the game with Epic’s free mod tools. Take a look at the Robo Recall gameplay showcasing the first tutorial style

ARKTIKA.1 VR Gameplay from 4A Studios

Nearly a century in the future – in the aftermath of a silent apocalypse – the planet has entered a new ice age. Only the equatorial regions remain habitable, yet pockets of humanity still manage to survive in small numbers all over the planet. These regions of civilization sit on

Oculus Touch Delayed In 2016

Oculus has posted a blog update which puts a new years dampener on those expecting its rather cool hand gesture controller Oculus Touch to release in early 2016. According to the post the device will now ship in the second half of 2016. The good news is it looks like