NiOH Complete Edition

Nioh Complete Edition Review PC

After enjoying much success amongst the hardcore PS4 gaming brigade at the start of this year, Koei Tecmo has released Nioh Complete Edition on PC. This version contains all of the PS4 content including three expansions, Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed’s End. There is also a PC

NiOH Complete Edition PC 4K Gameplay

A quick look at the intro tutorial mission from NiOh Complete edition 4K on PC. Aside from stuttering when panning the camera in the dark Tower of London section at the start of the adventure, the GTX 1080 Ti maintains an impressive 60 frames per second under maximum settings at

NiOH Complete Edition on PC in November

KOEI TECMO Games has today announced that it will be bringing the formally PS4 exclusive Nioh to PC in the form of the Nioh: Complete Edition on PC via Steam on November 7th 2017. The digital-only PC release boasts stunning high-resolution graphics over two modes as Nioh: Complete Edition can