Netherrealm Studios

Mortal Kombat 11 Review PC

Four years passed since the last Mortal Kombat game and now in 2019 Mortal Kombat 11 (MK 11) enters the stage. US based developer NetherRealm Studios presents a definitive version of their fighting franchise which began way back in 1992. The series has seen several versions across multiple platforms since

Mortal Kombat Outfits & Objectification Male vs Female

It appears that since 2011 when Mortal Kombat 9 released NetherRealm Studios made a conscious decision to tone town the female character Mortal Kombat outfits. NetherRealm replaced the trashy yet comical looks with realistic options in Mortal Kombat 10 in 2015. Fast forward to today though and with the release

Injustice 2 Enchantress Trailer

Netherrealm Studios introduces the Enchantress character as the latest DLC addition to Injustice 2, available for Early Access on January 9 for the Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack, and Fighter Pack 3. The all-too ordinary life of June Moone ended the day she was possessed by the Enchantress, a demonic sorceress