Wildstar Features Trailer

The PC based space game Wildstar launches on Tuesday the 3rd of June and features lots of action and adventure for gamers. Here’s a trailer which highlights the game’s features which should get you right into the mood. For more information about the game and how you can gain early

Wildstar Customization video

NCSOFT and Carbine Studios released a new video for their MMO Wildstar which showcases the levels of customization players can use to personalize their world.  For more details about the game, head on over to the official website.  

Wildstar’s unique business model revealed

NCSoft’s forthcoming MMO Wildstar adopts an interesting business approach where gamers will be able to either pay a subscripton, or play hard and get the game for free. Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios explains how things will work over at the official site. Quote: First thing’s first: you buy WildStar

Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores screenshots

NCSoft released some new Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores screenshots which herald the start of the new expansion coming on November 15th. [nggallery id=21] A Mini-Expansion Following the hugely successful multi-stage mystery of the recent Halloween event, the Lost Shores update continues ArenaNet’s tradition of delivering regular content, compelling