Madmind Studios

Succubus – Official Release Date Trailer

Madmind Studios presents Succubus, an adult themed action game set within the confines of Hell itself. Take a look at the latest trailer which not only gives an overview of features, but also a July 21st release date on PC via Steam. Also, a new demo is available to play

TORMENTOR: Official Trailer

Madmind Studios present a new game Tormentor which you can see in action via the official trailer. The game releases on consoles and PC via Steam. ABOUT TORMENTOR: Take on the role of a merciless torturer. Earn money from video transmissions of your torments and then buy new victims and

PARANOID – “Voices” Trailer

Madmind Studios present their new horror game, a first-person survival horror taking place in the 80s entitled, PARANOID coming to consoles and PC via Steam in 2021. About PARANOID The game tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family under mysterious circumstances. His

Agony Unrated Gets VR Support

Madmind Studios announced today that their Agony Unrated will have VR support. Here’s the full statement. Agony Unrated VR We are happy to announce that thanks to the cooperation with a partner studio, Ignibit, work on the long-awaited version of VR has begun. From the early beginning, we wanted this

SUCCUBUS: Chort Trailer NSFW

Madmind Studios posted a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming and rather NSFW looking Succubus. The video showcases the new opponent, the Chort. No release date for this yet but it’s coming to consoles and PC.

Succubus: Official Concept Gameplay

Madmind Studios who developed the adult themed Agony and Agony Unleashed announced a new game concept from the same series. Entitled Succbus, the game focuses on her story and how it fits with Agony. Take a look at the concept gameplay video. ABOUT SUCCUBUS: The main character of the game

PARANOID – Official Concept Gameplay

Take a look at the first look concept gameplay from Madmind Studios upcoming Paranoid game. Following on from the success of Agony/Agony Unrated take a look at the Steam Store Page. About Paranoid: The game tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family

Agony UNRATED: Official trailer

Madmind Studios writes: Agony Unrated features a full-fledged story mode as well as an open challenge system that randomly generates levels for players to explore and survive to gain new Highscores. Agony throws players in the midst of hell where they strive to stay alive and solve the riddle behind