Loading Human

Loading Human Gameplay Playstation VR With Move

Loading Human is an interesting adventure game released for the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all at the same time. Whilst the Rift still awaits its Touch support, the Vive and Playstation VR can get to grips (pun intended) with motion controls which actually work very well using

Loading Human Chapter 1 Launch Trailer

Experience the most immersive adventure VR has to offer. Called on by your father to retrieve a life-saving energy source in deep space, you will prepare for your journey in his scientific base located in the frozen South Pole. Along your journey you will encounter a series of personal dilemmas

Loading Human Demo GDC 2015 Demo

Untold Games released a new video which showcases their Unreal Engine 4 VR enabled ‘Loading Human’ adventure game which releases on PC for the Oculus Rift and at a later date for Morpheus on the PS4. You can find out more about the project over at the official Untold Games

Sixense STEM meets Loading Human video

Untold Games released a new Loading Human video which looks at how the upcoming sixense STEM is working with the game which uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. For more information about the game head on over to the Untold Games Kickstarter campaign page. The STEM System is a

Loading Human – In depth and Unreal 4 footage

Untold Games posted a new video which looks at the forthcoming VR game Loading Human which is now powered using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.  The video features creative director (and Hollywood actor) Flavio Parenti demonstrating how Loading Human will utilize the new leaps in VR tech to create its unrivaled gaming experience.

Loading Human Unreal Engine 4 trailer

Untold Games released a new trailer for their VR game, Loading Human which now uses the Unreal Engine 4 and looks set to offer some cool sci-fi gaming on the Oculus Rift and possibly the PS4’s Morpheus. For more details about the game and to offer support, head on over

Loading Human trailer

Untold Games released a new trailer for their forthcoming Loading Human, which looks at the VR technologies which are used with the game  among other elements. For more details, head on over to the official Loading Human website.