Kung Fu Factory

Girl Fight video review

We take a look at Kung Fu Factory’s digital only release in our Girl Fight video review which determines whether the all girl fighting game is worth your £6.75. http://youtu.be/MyVeBMop1O8 Girl Fight Video Review text version: Today we’re taking a look at Kung Fu Factory’s long in development all girl

Girl Fight sexy artwork gallery

Kung Fu Factory’s Girl Fight released last week and features an all female fighting line-up to battle through. Every fight in the game earns players credits which can be spent on special moves, biographies, and some art work which seems to be pure fan service. The artwork, features each combatant

Girl Fight launch trailer

Kung Fu Factory’s all girl fighting game, Girl Fight will be available on the XBLA and PSN from tomorrow September 25th for the price of $9.99, and to mark the occasion here’s a launch trailer to get you into the 3D fighting mood. http://youtu.be/so7Ww0CBsls About Girl Fight: Published by Majesco

Girl Fight Chaos and Chrome screens and trailer

Kung Fu Factory released a new trailer and a selection of screenshots from their forthcoming all female fighting game Girl Fight which is heading to the XBLA and PSN this Autumn. Take a look at the video and screenshots in our gallery which features images of a number of other

Girl Fight game new screens and trailer

Microprose/Kung Fu Factory released some fresh screenshots and a new gameplay video for their forthcoming all female fighter, Girl Fight game which is heading to the XBLA and PSN later this year and has been in development for quite some time. The latest assets showcase the fighters, Viper, Ghost and

Girl Fight arena screens and artwork

Kung Fu Factory released some screenshots and artwork for its all female fighting game, Girl Fight which has been delayed quite some time having supposed to be released last year. Having played an early build of the game, hopefully has been improved since.