Jamie Simmons

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review

The time is now to break out the most relevant game to what’s happening in the real world with EA’s mid release tie in to this year’s Brazilian based World Cup Tournament. Aptly entitled, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the game offers an assortment of expected modes and allows you

Worms Battlegrounds Review

Worms Battlegrounds from developer Team 17 is the latest in a long line up of games in the series and in this latest iteration opts to maintain its 2D roots but with a touch of 2.5 thrown in as well. From the main menu, you’re presented with local and online

Super Time Force Review

Super Time Force released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and offers some compelling shooting action with a time based twist. I’ve been tasked with reviewing this game and despite not being so keen on the 8 bit looks found something that is quite enjoyable. Is it a game for