HD 7970

Dead Rising 3 PC Smooth Gameplay at 1080p

Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is available now for PC gamers and ups the ante on its Xbox One counterpart with some excellent visuals at 1080p. At present there’s no means in game to change the maximum frame rate though as it’s currently locked at 30 frames per second (this can

Metro Redux Performance video 1080p HD 7970

The Metro Redux versions are much better optimized than their regular counterparts especially Metro 2033 which seemed to chug the resources. Take a look at our Metro Redux performance video which shows off the frames per second in outdoor and interior scenes from the two games. The system used is

Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo using a HD 7970

Epic Games’ Elemental tech demo pushes the hardware whilst looking¬†exceptionally¬†grand when it was revealed last year, but now the demo is out in the wild for PC users to try, how well does it perform using a mid range graphics set up. We’re running the Elemental Unreal Engine 4 tech