Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One Review PC

Team 17 and developer Radiation Blue released Genesis Alpha One on consoles and PC. Previously a Steam only title, but switched to the Epic Games store until this time next year that is. The story is fairly straight forward, search the galaxy for a new home given that war ravaged

Genesis Alpha One Release Date Trailer

Team17 announced the Genesis Alpha One release date , an upcoming space sim survival game. Save the date, Genesis Alpha One, will launch on January 29th 2019 via the Epic Games store for PC and simultaneously on the PlayStation and Microsoft stores on January 29th.

Genesis Alpha One Gameplay Tutorial

Take a look at the tutorial opening mission for Radiation Blue/Team 17’s upcoming space adventure/management game Genesis Alpha One which releases in Jan 2019. The video demonstrates the opening tutorial mission which skims over the basic premise. Building your ship, working your crew and securing resources from planets as well

Genesis Alpha One – An Introduction to Cloning

Through advanced technologies, the Genesis program is able to combine the DNA of humans with the DNA of alien species encountered around the universe. This ensures not only a wide spectrum of different and unique crew members, but also a seemingly infinite amount of potential captains to lead the charge,