Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 G-Shock Car Pack Trailer

Microsoft just released a new trailer for their latest DLC coming to Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One namely the Forza Horizon 2 G-Shock Car pack which includes a range of off-road and race vehicles such as the all new 2015 Nissan IDx NISMO, the Subaru BRAT, 1975 Ford Bronco,

Forza Horizon 2 Review

We take a look at the Microsoft exclusive open world racer Forza Horizon 2 which comes in as a sequel for Xbox 360 owners and a new entry for Xbox One gamers. The game has been developed by two studios offering similar driving nuances but ultimately, whatever version your opt

Forza Fuel Forza Horizon 2 Event Sign Ups

Gamers looking to get involved in the upcoming release of Forza Horizon 2 can enlist in the Forza Fuel campaign which is currently driving 8 supercars across Europe to celebrate the launch of the game. There’s lots to get involved with here and if you’re interested in joining a team

Forza Horizon 2 gameplay 30 Minutes

The Forza Horizon 2 demo launched on Xbox One and Xbox 360 yesterday and we took the Xbox One game for a spin. There’s lots to be excited for in this rather slick offering from Playground Games. Take a look at our Forza Horizon 2 gameplay video from the demo

Forza Horizon 2 Free DLC Cars

Forza Horizon 2 releases on the 3rd of October on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and to celebrate the launch gamers will be able to download a free of charge Launch Bonus Car Pack which contains 8 vehicles. For gamers looking to sample the game, then a demo is now

Forza Horizon 2 launch trailer

Microsoft released the official Forza Horizon 2 launch trailer to mark the upcoming release of the game on the 30th of this month in North America and the 3rd of October in Europe. The game has been developed for Xbox 360 and Xbox One by two separate studios which means

Gamescom 2014 Trailers and Videos Day 1

Gamescom 2014 kicks off this week and as with E3 this year, we’re posting all the Gamescom 2014 trailers and videos in one neat place spread out over each day beginning today August 11th onwards. We’ll post what’s included in today’s videos in the index for easy listing. If you