Focus Interactive

Farming Simulator 15 Console Trailer

For the first time on consoles from May 19th gamers on Xbox One , PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to engross themselves in the lively and muddy world of Farming Simulator 15 following on from the previous game in the long running and popular series. The game

Farming Simulator 15 launch trailer

Focus Interactive released a new Farming Simulator launch trailer to mark the game’s release this Thursday 30th October on PC. The trailer shows off the all the new game engine which allows for improved details and immersion. For more details about the game, head on over to the official website.

Farming Simulator 15 A Day at the Farm Trailer

Focus Interactive released a new Farming Simulator 15 trailer ahead of the game’s release in two weeks time on PC (October 30th). Gamers can take to the fields and live a farmers life in this million selling franchise, the game adds more detail than ever before and should be the

Crimes & Punishments art of subversion trailer

Focus Interactive and Frogwares posted a new Crimes & Punishments trailer which takes a closer look at detective Sherlock Holmes and the art of subversion. Dressing up, or down in this case means Sherlock can get closer to suspects and those in need of interrogation. Check out the trailer and

STYX Master Of Shadows Assassin’s Green Trailer

Focus Interactive released a new STYX Master of Shadows video which shows off more of the cunning stealth gameplay on offer in the PS4, Xbox One and PC game coming this October. Playes are tasled with moving through the expansive and mysterious home of the World Tree, either subverting the

Wargame Red Dragon sells One Million

Focus Interactive in association with  Eugen Systems has today announced that its popular RTS game for PC Wargame Red Dragon has reached One Million copies sold which is excellent news. To mark the occasion Eugen has released some DLC for the game entitled, The Millionth Mile which comes free to

Bound By Flame Combat Demo 2

Focus Interactive released a second combat demo video to highlight the Bound By Flame combat in action. The game is heading to PC, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 9th and is looking like some solid action adventuring. For more information about the game, head on over to the