Exoprimal – Launch Trailer

Capcom’s co-op based action game against dinosaurs entitled, Exoprimal is out today. For Xbox Game Pass players, it’s also a day one title for Xbox and PC. Will you and your squad be the prey, the predators, or something far more dangerous? It’s up to you to decipher the mysteries

Exoprimal – Dinosaur Introduction

Capcom introduces the Dinosaurs which feature in the upcoming squad based online shooter, Exoprimal. The game features a variety of dinosaurs that both your team and an opposing squad will face-off against. Raptors, Pteranodons, T-rexes, and more are joined by terrifying creatures such as the Neo Ankylosaurus.

Exoprimal – Reveal Trailer

Capcom reveals a new IP Exoprimal which seems to fuse some of their older ideas (think Lost Planet, Monster Hunter & Dino Crisis) into one game. There is even a character who looks remarkably similar to Regina from Dino Crisis. Either way, this is an online focused PVE game coming