Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Sequels usually have high expectations to live up to, whether they are in fiction with George RR Martin’s epic tale A Song of Ice and Fire, in films like Star Wars, or even videogames like Halo or Dragon Age. Capturing the essence of what made each special while trying to

Dragon Age: Inquisition The Keep video

EA/Bioware released a new Dragon Age: Inquisition video which takes a look at the forthcoming game and its core features centred around an all new App ‘The Keep’ for use with external mobile devices and allows users to share their exploits and experiences with the wider community – you can

Dragon Age Inquisition Character Creation video

EA/Bioware released a new Dragon Age Inquisition video which takes a look at the game’s character creation options ahead of the game’s November 21st release. For more information about this eagerly anticipated action role playing adventure, head on over to the official website.  

Gamescom 2014 Trailers Day Two

With Gamescom 2014 now in full swing and after a very busy opening yesterday what with Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences, today continues the stream of videos and trailers which we’ve listed for your viewing pleasure here. We’ve included an index at the top of the page to see what

Dragon Age: Inquisition Combat trailer

EA released a new trailer which focuses on the combat featured in their forthcoming action role playing game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The trailer highlights the multi-layered combat system which features real-time action and the strategic tactical camera. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on November 21st, 2014.

E3 2014 Trailers Media Round Up

This E3 we’re doing things slightly different by hosting a singular page for this year’s E3 2014 content which means you can view all the latest trailers and media content by simply checking this page. We will be updating the page as it happens bar any significant  news content that