Digital Extremes

The Amazing Eternals: Make Your Move

Make your move. Join The Amazing Eternals (formally Keystone) — where each move transports you into an epic battle, blending first-person action and deck-building strategy for an all new type of FREE team-based shooter. Become a Founder on August 29 and join in our development quest!

Warframe Gets Octavia’s Anthem Update

Digital Extremes released their first major Warframe update of this year with the arrival of the melodic Octavia’s Anthem marking the game’s four-year anniversary. Remembering Warframe is a free-to-play title. Check out the trailer. You can also check out some helpful beginners tips in the second video from Youtuber H3dsh0t.

Get Warframe Vinyl Soundtrack From iam8bit Now

Digital Extremes, the developers behind the free to play Warframe has partnered with iam8bit to present some neat collectibles. Gamers can now snag the game’s soundtrack on specially prepared vinyl (record player optional). You can also net some fine prints and pins. Head on over to the iam8bit Warframe page

Warframe Xbox One Free to Play hits Xbox Live

Online gamers with Xbox Live Gold accounts can now sink their teeth, and hours into Digital Extremes’ free to play Warframe Xbox One which is available now. After enjoying months of success on the PS4 and PC, this third person sci-fi shooter should certainly pull in the punters. Head on

Warframe coming free to play to PS4 first

Digital Extremes has announced today that its forthcoming free to play action shooter, Warframe will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for a three month period starting at launch on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. Whilst celebrating this new, take a look at some gameplay

The Darkness II review

Based on the best-selling comic ‘The Darkness’ created by Top Cow Starbreeze Studios’ first effort has seem a sequel developed by Unreal and Pariah developer Digital Extremes. The Darkness tells the tale of fearless Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado who becomes host to the terrifying entity that is the Darkness which