Blue Isle Studios

Slender: The Arrival PS4 & Xbox One Trailer

Blue Isle Studios’ creepy first person horror adventure game Slender: The arrival makes its way to the PS4 and Xbox One to offer more chills to gamers looking to solve the mysterious puzzles within. It’s available now and offers some neat surreal gameplay moments not for those who scare easily.

Slender The Arrival opening gameplay video

Blue Isle Studios’ Slender The Arrival offers PC gamers some chilling thrills in its dark and foreboding world. This spooky and highly atmospheric game provides some horror madness that’s worth shutting the curtains, donning a pair of headphones and switching off all the lights. Take a look at the opening

Slender The Arrival hits Steam next week

Midnight City in conjunction with developers Blue Isle Studios announces the imminent release of Slender The Arrival coming to Steam on October 28th for $9.99. The game offers some tense and naturally spooky first person adventure, is not for the fainthearted and is one to keep an eye on if