5 Lives Studios

Satellite Reign Launch Trailer

5 Lives Studios released a Satellite Reign launch trailer to whet the appetite ahead of the game’s release on August 28th. We’ve already sampled the game quite extensively from its pre-alpha up until the final release and must say it’s well worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of

Satellite Reign Launch Trailer & Release Date

5 Lives Studios are poised to release their spiritual successor to the classic cybernetic Syndicate Wars with their Satellite Reign which has been in Steam Early Access for the last five months. The full game will release on August 28th and to mark the announcement a new trailer has been

Satellite Reign Industrial District First Look Video

5 Lives Studios recently updated their Steam Early Access game and spiritual successor to Syndicate “Satellite Reign” with a whole host of new content and improvements. Included is a new Industrial district to explore and send your cyborg agents to do some covert or not so covert undertakings. Check out

Satellite Reign gets Massive Update

5 Lives Studios recently updated their cyborg infested tactical strategy game Satellite Reign which has been available via Steam Early Access for some time now. The game has continually been updated but has now doubled in size with the arrival of a new district amongst other things. Players can see

Satellite Reign – Pre-alpha Preview video

5 Lives Studios has today revealed the first pre-alpha gameplay footage from their rather cool looking futuristic top down action strategy game Satellite Reign which if you’re observant bears a striking resemblance to Bullfrog’s Syndicate Wars from yesteryear. Well, the game is being touted as a spiritual successor to Syndicate