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NBA 2K15 Review

Sports have long been entwined with gaming consoles and many gamers strictly stick to this genre alone. They lead their favorite team to championships and create superstars out of their best players all while controlling them from the comfort of their most beloved piece of furniture. With the NBA season

NBA 2K14 Next-Gen: OMG Trailer

2K Games released a new PS4 NBA 2K14 trailer which shows off the impressive character models detail and animations in the forthcoming basketball game which launches with the PS4 and Xbox One on their respective launches in November. The current gen version for Xbox 360 and PS3 is available now.

WWE 2K14 character roster image gallery

2K Games released a load of images representing the roster of combatants in its forthcoming WWE 2K14. Take a look at the WWE 2K14 character roster image gallery to see if your favourite male or female fighter will make an appearance in the final game. By all means, this will likely

WWE 2K14 30 years of Wrestlemania trailer

It’s staggering to think about all the blood, sweat and tears shed during the 30 years the WWE Wrestlemania event has been held, but to mark the momentous occasion and forthcoming WWE 2K14 game, here’s a 30 years of Wrestlemania trailer and some Summerslam screenshots to whet the appetite. Be

NBA 2K14 Trailer

2K Games are proud to show off their latest NBA 2K14 in this trailer for all you basketball fans. The game releases on October 1st, stateside and should be the definitive game in the series with its impressive mo-cap and character modelling techniques. http://youtu.be/4JFtnAkCpDE

NBA 2K 13 review

Dear 2K Games, Just a quick note to say that seriously, the NBA 2K series needs to run out of steam already. It’s making every other sports sim look bad. Honestly, come on 2K, give the rest a chance yeah? Not only have you set the standard for every other