SONY Playstation VR 2 Launches Today (PSVR 2)

Today is a great day for VR gamers across the globe as SONY launches its eagerly anticipated and thus far, well-received Playstation VR 2 VR headset. It requires a PS5 console to be able to use it and will set you back between £479- £500+ depending on what deal you opt for. If you are jumping-in for the first time and need the PS5 as well, then this is an expensive investment coming in at around £1000.

There aren’t so many launch titles yet, but there have been several announcements for games in-the-works. Most notable launch title is Guerrella’s Horizon: Call of the Mountain which if you buy bundled with the PSVR 2 will set you back £529.

Here at Cram-Gaming, we love VR and think it’s the future of gaming. We are extremely happy that SONY are continuing their investment in the VR space alongside, META with its Quest line of devices, and the numerous PC VR headsets. We’re still rocking our well-loved HP Reverb G2. VR can be an expensive way to play, but it’s worthwhile. What more can we say considering SONY’s PSVR 2 looks like a very competent VR headset with its head rumble, foveated rendering, HDR, OLED display and high-resolution panels. If you have dismissed VR previously, then now might be a great time to give it a try. Unfortunately, VR can only be appreciated once you are inside the headset. Regular adverts cannot do it any kind of justice. Therefore, if you’re showing some interest, try and find a demo to play first to get an idea of what to expect. That said, some people will need to gain their VR legs before diving-in to prevent motion sickness, especially with games that offer more movement.

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