Skynet Rising – First Person Shooter VR Trailer

GameIndica Entertainment posted a trailer for their upcoming Oculus Rift VR first person shooter survival game Skynet Rising. The game has entered the Steam Greenlight stage and needs your support. Check out the trailer, the Steam Greenlight submission and the official website for more details. Definitely one to keep a VR eye on.

Key Features:

-Level Area: Now you can go Underwater! And there are animals to see and objects to explore and collect.

-Gameplay: Challenging gunplay with Dynamic Enemy AI. Armed enemies now can make realtime tactical decisions and alert each other to surround player.

-Loot: Zombies and Bloodhounds drop loots. Rebels drop guns. 😉

-Guided Vision: Enemies now have a red outline around them when hovered with the crosshair for better visibility. Some of the objective objects glow in certain color to give visual hint (ex. breakable gates)

-Caviar System: All the big fishes carry glowing green caviar in their mouth. Those can be collected as health packs :smiley:

-VFX: Beautiful Main menu designed. Game level is littered with explosive barrels that blow up on crossfires easily. It’s 4th of July every 20 seconds!

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