Rise of the Tomb Raider Sales Surpass Half A Million (Rumour)

Whilst the numbers are not conclusive and can only be cited as a rumour until official figures are released but there was a rise in sales for the third week since Rise of the Tomb Raider became available at retail on November 10th 2015. According to VGChartz, the Black Friday week saw an increase in numbers (over double in the USA region) over the previous week. If the estimated figures are correct (even with a margin for error), then the game has surpassed half a million in sales. This week’s Xbox 360 numbers haven’t been tallied by VGChartz either yet so there’s no doubt the game will have reached this number. It’s clear the numbers would have been much higher had the game launched on multiple systems at once and perhaps not in the wake of massive games such as Black Ops III and Fallout 4. Either way, the numbers are looking good thus far and once the game does hit PC in the Spring, and PS4 later in 2016 the total numbers might be quite impressive.

According to their estimates:

Week 3 Ending 28th Nov 2015:

USA Xbox One sales – 62,901 (Last week – 31,216)

UK Xbox One 36,090 (Last week – 24,345)

Grand Total Last Week – 438,065 (for both platforms).

This Week 537,056 (Not including Xbox 360 data for this period).

If you want to break it down further,

Xbox One Sales:

Week 1 – 229,742 (worldwide)
Week 2 – 106,096 (worldwide)
Week 3 – 98,991 (USA & UK Only)

Total Xbox One sales – 434,829

Xbox 360 Sales:

Week 1 – 71,286
Week 2 – 30,941

Total Xbox 360 sales – 102,227


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