Resident Evil VR Mods for PC available now

Still in the experimental stage the much touted Resident Evil VR mod from Preydog for PC VR headsets has released. You can download the small file from here via Github. Simply extract the file into your game installation folder then boot up the game. It works with a number of Capcom game engines and we can confirm works well with the HP Reverb G2 and with costume mods in Resident Evil 3 Remake. We will post a full guide/impressions in due course.

  • A fleshed out scripting system using Lua (check the wiki!)
  • Generic 6DOF VR support to RE7, RE2, RE3, RE8, DMC5, and MHRISE
  • Full motion controls in RE2 and RE3 (when using FirstPerson, it is not enabled by default)
  • Physical knife damage in RE2/RE3
  • Physical grenade throwing in RE2/RE3
  • Early WIP motion controls for RE8

To use VR:

  • Install SteamVR
  • Simply extract ALL of the files in the zip for your respective game into your game install folder.

If you DON’T want to use VR, do the above step, but do not extract openvr_api.dll into your game folder.

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