Pax Dei – Official announcement

The PC MMO Pax Dei gets an official 8minute plus, announcement video from the guys at Mainframe. Wishlist now on Steam.


We’re hard at work developing Pax Dei, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to add us to your Wishlist and follow us to stay updated on our progress and upcoming playtests.

What world will you make?
Welcome to a vast, social sandbox MMO inspired by the legends of the medieval era. Here, myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is unquestioned. In this immense, open-world playground, you choose the role you want to play. Immerse yourself along with thousands of other players as you explore the land, build your home, forge your reputation, and craft your own stories.

A place to call home
Travel the relative safety of the Heartlands and find the perfect plot of land on which to build your home. Protected by the grace of the Divine , your village is a safe harbor where your Clan can grow and prosper.
Everything in this world is produced by the players’ hands and skills. Your village needs clothes, walls, food, flowers, and prayers. Your Clan, weapons, and armor. Others require tools, materials, or mysterious reagents. It’s easy to find your place and play your part in this breathing world.

Explore uncharted lands
Adventure awaits as you set foot into the Wilderness. Here, you’ll battle evil beings, uncover mysteries of an ancient and wondrous past, and square off against rival Clans as you struggle for power, position, and resources.
A word of warning: The further you journey from home, the stranger and more dangerous this world becomes. The glory, bounty, and secrets you bring back will enrich your entire Clan. How much challenge are you willing to accept? That’s for you to decide.

Everyone matters
Skinning a basilisk, choosing between war and peace, picking flowers: it all matters. In a fully player-driven world, all play styles connect and complement each other. Join the community and be part of the stories about to take shape.

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