OUTWARD – Dev Diary #2 – Wanderlust

Deep Silver posted a new OUTWARD developer diary video looking at travelling the world and exploring. OUTWARD is an action role playing game coming to consoles and PC later this year.

Our second Dev Diary will focus on the beauty and challenges of travelling in OUTWARD. Map reading skills, your backpack and a true sense of adventure will be crucial to your journey. Exploring the corners of Aurai with nothing but a backpack – that is the peak of adventuring! You decide if you want to travel light or not, but you will have to make sure you are able to adapt to your environment. Aurai has four distinct regions that you will need to navigate with the help of your trusty compass, your map reading skills and your ability to locate landmarks – the game will not do that for you. Not to worry, with preparation, you will be able to overcome most challenges that OUTWARD will throw at you.

Deep Silver.

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