Nvidia Show off the RTX 3090 Ti at CES 2022

Nvidia wrapped-up its CES conference with a showing of the upcoming RTX 3090 Ti. You can view the entire conference in the video or check out a recap over on the official website. Nvidia will reveal more details about the RTX 3090 Ti later this month. In the meantime, here are the released specs.

RTX 3090 Ti has 40 shader teraflops, 78 RT teraflops, and 320 tensor teraflops, 24GB of G6X memory running at 21Gbit/s. If we compare that to the current king RTX 3090, which has 35.6 shader teraflops, 69.5 RT teraflops, and 285 tensor teraflops, 24GB of memory, but runs at 19.5Gbit/s – you’re looking at around 10% gains with the RTX 3090 Ti. Considering the shortages and difficulty in acquiring such cards, we don’t think the upgrade is worthwhile coming from an RTX 3090. However those using lesser GPUs would do well to suck up the cost, especially if aiming to game in 4K with RTX features enabled.

However, let’s give you a real world example based on those specs.

If we run Cyberpunk 2077 all max settings in 4K with RTX features enabled no DLSS (Ray tracing Ultra not psycho) with our RTX 3090 we get around 26-27 FPS. A 10% gain from an RTX 3090 Ti would theoretically push that to around 28-30 fps.

00:00 Announcement intro

03:58 GeForce NOW and Cloud Gaming updates

06:25 New RTX and DLSS game announcements

06:43 The Day Before – RTX Reveal Trailer

08:04 Rainbow Six Extraction – DLSS Trailer

09:27 Escape from Tarkov – DLSS Trailer

10:45 Dying Light 2 Stay Human – RTX On Gameplay Trailer

11:49 NVIDIA Reflex Updates

12:59 God of War – NVIDIA Reflex on PC Demo

13:39 New 1440p Esports Displays

15:34 Announcing GeForce RTX 3050

17:13 NVIDIA Studio and Omniverse Overview

20:04 Omniverse 3D worlds trailer

21:07 Omniverse updates

22:18 AI Powered Content Creation Applications

23:05 NVIDIA Canvas Update

23:35 New high-performance RTX Laptops with 4th Gen Max-Q Technology

28:27 48 hours with Digital Artist Jacob Norris 31:06 Recap of announcements

32:10 New GeForce RTX GPU reveal

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