Do Not Feed the Monkeys Steam Trailer

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a unique digital voyeur simulator. Now that you’ve been accepted by “The Primate Observation Club” you can invade the privacy of dozens of strangers and witness their most intimate moments while you make your living. Check out the trailer and Steam store page.

-MONITOR hacked surveillance cameras
-PRY INTO the lives of dozens of subjects
-INTERACT (or not!) with fun, sad, horrific, surprising, dramatic, or sci-fi themed narratives
-DECIDE THE FATE of the subjects: will you help them? Will you expose their most intimate secrets?
-BROWSE social networks profiles, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores… Use chat logs, email tools and more!
-MANAGE your resources: will you spend all your savings on buying more “cages”, or will pay rent? Are you healthy enough to work? How many sleepless nights can you stand before collapsing from exhaustion?
-REPLAY to experience different climactic endings

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