Killzone vs Battlefield 4 next gen physics

Here’s a reveal trailer for EA/DICE’s eagerly anticipated Battlefield 4 which will be coming to current gen consoles, next generation consoles (not yet confirmed) and PC platforms later this year. However, after being bowled over by the Killzone Shadow Fall demo earlier this year at the Sony PS4 reveal, it seems DICE are really pushing the boat out in terms of next generation visuals. What’s perhaps more important to distinguish the two excellent looking games aside from differences in artistic direction are the physics which affect the gameplay.

Killzone Shadow Fall highlighted some impressive spatial elements with it’s CGI looking opening and quality visuals yet in terms of physics, aside from the opening explosion which blacks out and the odd destuctive scenery, most of the debris is prefabricated and not in real time aside from the impressive lighting from the falling fire. Battlefield 4 really does highlight how well DICE’s Frostbite game engine works, and as the developers have pioneered introducing destructive elements as far back as the Bad Company games, Battlefield 4 is taking it to a new level. Skip to the 6 minute mark of the 17 minute gameplay footage and bear witness to some of the most impressive real time physics to date. The video is most likely running on high end PCs at the moment, but if the PS4’s gameplay demos we’ve seen thus far are accurate, then there’s no reason to not expect the same quality on next generation systems as well. With Battlefield 3 being a multiplatform game, and already looking this polished, then the future is most certainly bright for PC gamers and those investing in the PS4 and next Xbox. The biggest question lies in how well DICE can keep the quality levels for PS3 and Xbox 360 especially considering Battlefield 3 looked very nice indeed. Stroll on Autumn/Fall.




Written by: Rob Cram

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