Introducing Bigscreen Beyond, the world’s smallest VR headset

Creators of the Bigscreen cinema and social VR app just revealed they are stepping into the VR hardware market with…”The World’s smallest VR headset” entitled, Bigscreen Beyond. It’s looking great and is fully Steam VR compatible using Steam VR Controllers and one base-station to get 6dof (without you only get 3dof). They aim to release later this year and pre-orders are coming in at $999. What is interesting is how they scan the user’s face using a mobile app, to make a bespoke face gasket. Specs are pretty sound too, with Micro-OLED displays with 2560 x 2560 pixels per eye, custom pancake optics. The base unit weighs in at 125g which is fantastic Quest 2 weighs just over 500g.

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