GTA V PC Launch Plagued With Awful Updates & Server Issues

Many will have stayed up late in the UK to start playing the PC version of GTA V which went live at 12am on the 14th of April except some may not have been able to play the game at all. Once the clock hit 12 users were prompted to download and install a couple of forced day one updates which either took an age to download or not at all due to the Rockstar servers being overloaded – or some other technical hitch.

We’ve encountered very slow download speeds as low as 8 KB/sec for a small 53 MB starting patch which took around 20 minutes to download. This was followed by no server connection messages for a larger 353 MB update. This is pretty awful stuff for those wanting to dive in right away, although we can’t be sure how widespread the problem is or whether it extends beyond those who purchased the game with Rockstar’s codes. Naturally we expect Rockstar to be working behind the scenes to fix the problem but it’s a pretty poor showing all round.

UPDATE: It’s now 52 minutes since we started updated GTA V with little more than a 400 MB download using a high speed 30 MBps Internet connection from the UK, and yet we’re still encountering server connection issues with 150 MB remaining.

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  1. xXD4ni3lXx April 14, 2015 |

    It fucks up i came Home from School want to Play GTA V and than this shit i hope they gonny fix it

  2. HeyThere April 15, 2015 |

    This shit requires a 5GB patch on launching, forcing downloading. I am going to pirate this game instead of buying this second copy! — Already had PS3 cp, now got PC one too for better graphics, both premium price, fuck it now!! 7 disks installation, after all this shit, now 5GB downloading!!! Can’t even play it. I should get a PS4 version, at least just force upgrade. MFs don’t even provide blue ray disks, guess reduce cost for mass dvd prod. Shit shit shit shit

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