Goliath Game Launch Trailer

Octopus Tree/Whalebox Studio has released its action packed open world adventure Goliath game on PC via Steam and to mark the occasion released a trailer showcasing the action. Goliath was a winner of the 2016 GDC Pitch Award and can be purchased on Steam for $15.99/£11.99 until May 19th (usual price £14.99).

About Goliath:

Goliath brings players to a world where massive monsters roam freely. To survive, players mustscavenge for resources and materials to create powerful giant robots called Goliaths. Goliaths can be customized and outfitted with weapons for various situations and battle preferences. Players can also create items and tools for survival, build a fortress and find new allies, and choose which factions to support in the war that is sweeping across the world.

Key Features:

Build, Create and Destroy: Gather resources to craft and customize giant Goliath robots to help level the playing field against the world’s colossal beasts.

Living World: Procedurally generated environments, quests and events, and a living ecosystem with changing weather and day and night cycles ensure that no two games of Goliath will ever be the same.

Adapt to The Environment: Players must consider how different weather conditions affect various Goliath types while interacting with countless creatures to hunt and fight.

Boss Battles: Battle gigantic bosses that dwarf one’s own massive mechanized warriors!

Play Your Way: Take sides with one or more of the factions locked in a massive war that’s sweeping the land. Help determine which faction will come out on top as you work your way through the game’s epic storyline.

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