Ghostrunner – New Games Modes & Metal Ox DLC Official Trailer

505 Games & One More Level presents some new Ghostrunner DLC in this latest trailer. The free update today includes a new game mode entitled Kill Run Mode which features strict time limits where each kill increases the timer. A new photo mode allows players to capture their deft moves. The DLC pack includes some new sword and glove skins based on the current year of the OX. Finally, the announcement of a physical release for the Switch version coming soon.

The free updates launching today include Kill Run Mode, a game mode with strict time goals and Dharma Tower’s greatest challenge. In Kill Run Mode, players slay enemies to add precious seconds to the timer, dash through sections as quickly as possible, and ascend to new heights on the leaderboards. Players can also capture their most stylish moments from a whole new perspective with Photo Mode. Break the fourth wall for the perfect angle and see Ghostrunner’s entrancing cyberpunk world like never before.
The Metal Ox Pack celebrates the Year of the Ox with four new swords and gloves modeled after Confucian principles and virtues. Benevolence. Justice. Rite. Integrity. 

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