Gangster Simulator – Game Reveal Trailer

Playway presents Gangster Simulator, coming to PC via Steam. This is just one of many in their “simulator series”. Do you have what it takes?

In the morning, instead of going to a corporation, go to the city and fulfill orders. Sometimes it is simple things like driving a stolen car to the chop shop or collecting debt from unreliable contractors.
And how you do it – it’s all up to you.

As your prestige and fame began to circulate, you will receive more and more serious assignments. You’ll rob stores, gas stations and even banks. For every well-earned order, you’ll get paid and receive prestige points.

More and more serious orders will come over time. You’ll begin to sell drugs on a large scale, sell weapons or even fulfill “very ungrateful orders”.

When you run out of cash, you can make money on bets, collecting debts or taking payments from ladies of questionable morality. Make sure to leave some cash to pay off the cops.

Whether you’re a low ranking punk or shake the whole neighbourhood, it’s all up to you. If you live long enough.
Are you in or out?


-an extensive suburb of a large city
-driving mechanics
-first person shooter mechanics
-extensive tasks and story lines
-weapons and drugs trafficking in the dark net
-bookmakers (boxing, dogfights, street racing)

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