Drunk Or Dead 2 Beta releases this week

Coming this week on Feb 2nd is the VR game and continuation of Drunk Or Dead from 4 I Lab entitled, Drunk Or DeaD 2 in beta form. Take a look at the rather cool trailer which explains what the game entails.

 What is DoD2?

– Zombie-hunting VR action, playable solo or up to four players online.
– Coming to Meta Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam, Viveport & the Quest store.

It’s an all-out war for survival in Drunk Or Dead 2. Fight with powerful, customizable guns, flesh-shredding turret emplacements and deadly vehicles in your quest to stay alive and keep the party going. Big hordes threatening to harsh your buzz? Bring out the big guns, including rocket launchers and powerful robot drones. Who’d want to use those sober, anyway?

There’s more to life than shredding the undead, of course. Hang out with fellow survivors in town between battles, share a drink with the locals, shop for gear and goof around with your co-op buddies. All rested, relaxed and nearly seeing double? Then pick from one of four ass-kicking classes, gear up and get ready to blow some minds!

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