Cyberpunk Themed Rogue Like FPS Deadlink Trailer

Gruby Entertainment presents a new cyberpunk themed rogue like FPS coming in 2022 for PC entitled, DEADLINK. Take a look at the announcement trailer before wish-listing on Steam.

Become part of the Corporate Security Agency, which, contrary to the name, keeps corporations all but secure using plausibly deniable surgical attacks to prevent their most despicable schemes from coming to fruition. You are the key element of the Deadlink Protocol — the consciousness of a battle-hardened veteran soldier connecting to autonomous humanoid combat shells for a series of covert missions in diverse environments attributed to the multitude of megacorps that have the world in their grasp. And this time, covert doesn’t mean quiet. Using your remote-controlled proxies, you will dive into corporate property to wreak havoc room after room. Deadlink promises dynamic gameplay where you are always outnumbered, but always have the power to outsmart and out-skill.


-Earn resources between mission runs to invest into game-changing skills, weapon upgrades, and cybernetics

-Choose your favorite tools for the job with several distinct loadouts that favor different styles of play, without compromising the need to remain constantly aware and alert

-Stomp on the grounds of multiple corporations, each with their unique culture, style, and enemy varieties with which to challenge you

-Get to know the Corporate Security Agency from instructors to hackers and the minds behind the brain of the Deadlink Protocol

-Deadlink will be available for PC via Steam Early Access in Q1 of 2022.

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