Atlas Fallen – “Behind The Sand” Gameplay Presentation

Coming August 10th is Deck13’s action game, Atlas Fallen. Take a look at this gameplay showcase which thus far is looking very promising.

Today, Focus Entertainment and its studio Deck13 shared a behind-the-scenes video for their upcoming game Atlas Fallen, the epic fantasy action-RPG where you battle legendary creatures in superpowered combat. Prepare to glide torrid sands this summer, with the game getting released on August 10 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Pre-order it on any of those platforms and get to know the dev team and their creative journey in the Behind-the-Scenes Video. An epic adventure is born With Atlas Fallen, Deck13 takes its passion for thrilling action-RPG experiences to a new territory. Following their sci-fi series, The Surge, the team embraces a fresh vision for a unique medieval fantasy world and a faster-paced-oriented combat. The behind-the-scenes video gathers the words of several developers and creatives, as well as gorgeous concept art and footage of the game, telling the fun, exciting, and inspiring adventure that led to Atlas Fallen.

Over the years, the innovative people at Deck13, a small but talented dev team based in Frankfurt, Germany, have consistently sought to enhance the RPG experiences they offer, exploring new ideas, all within their on-house engine, Fledge. Players will be able to explore the fascinating world of Atlas and battle its extraordinary beasts soon, as the game will be released in August, extending or accompanying the joy of summer days and vacations. Meanwhile, the behind-the-scenes video allows you to take a look at the upcoming thrill that combines exploration and combat, with insight from the dedicated people who envisioned it. Take in their vibrant energy as you prepare for a sand-covered world filled with hidden mysteries and breathtaking sites, and an easy-to-pick-up, empowering combat system that provides immediate sensations and freedom to tailor your playstyle.

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