The Assembly – Progress Trailer & Game Overview Video

nDreams has today announced that its VR adventure game The Assembly will release on Tuesday 19th July, priced at $29.99 / €24.99 / £19.99 available via Steam. A non VR version will also be available and a Playstation VR version will release later in the year. To mark the occasion a new Progress trailer has been released alongside a gameplay overview video.

About The Assembly:

The Assembly is an immersive, interactive story in first-person VR for mature audiences. The game centres around the eponymous Assembly, an enigmatic collective that has hidden itself from the world so as to conduct its experiments outside the constraints of government scrutiny and society’s morals. But what secrets is it hiding? What will it sacrifice in the name of progress? That’s for players to discover by taking on the role of two different protagonists, who both have the chance to shake the foundations of this mysterious organisation.

Designed as a perfect introduction to virtual reality, The Assembly includes a player-tested control scheme custom built for VR to ensure comfort, so that both newcomers to the medium and more experienced VR gamers can explore The Assembly’s world as comfortably as a flatscreen first-person game. Players of The Assembly will also be able to switch to a non-VR mode, which features a reworked UI designed to be played on a monitor.

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