Apple reveals its Apple Vision Pro VR headset for $3500

We all knew that Apple’s foray into VR headset manufacturing wouldn’t be cheap, but the reported RRP of $3500 (~£2800) is a hefty price to pay for the just revealed Apple Vision Pro. Apple plans to release the headset in early 2024 in North America with other countries shortly after.

The ethos behind the headset’s goggles-like design is so that user can wear comfortably all day. Apple also suggest it will be the first headset you look through, rather than at. It boasts excellent Micro-OLED display (23 million pixels between two displays) driven-by Apple’s dual-chip design, the M2 processor with a brand-new R1 sensor. It’s also tethered and standalone, with battery life of around 2 hours using a battery pack.

Aside from over 100 games and apps to try on Apple’s walled-garden store, the headset will be able to grab panoramic photos and videos which can be viewed in 3D which is quite impressive and something we’ve not really seen before from other VR headsets.

This is an interesting development and looks like a killer headset, but unfortunately, that pricing is going to hurt most enthusiasts. Especially as Meta announced its Quest 3 for a fraction of the cost recently. Apple’s product sits squarely with the VR connoisseur or for business, rather than consumer use.

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