Xbox One vs PS4 or Godzilla vs Kong – A terrifying look at the Xbox One

With the Xbox One and PS4 both selling rather well, we take a more open minded look at the Xbox One games console in the face of its PS4 and Wii U competitors, drawing comparison with old school  clashes of the titans such as Godzilla versus King Kong of the 1960s. The Xbox One is still a very smart piece of entertainment kit, and seems to be drawing in punters with its distinct features. Take a look at our hyperbolic and somewhat parodic Xbox One vs PS4 video for the full picture.


Written by: Robert Cram

Robert Cram has hundreds of video game reviews and thousands of articles under his belt. He aims to remain objective and fair in his analysis. With years of experience, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement is entirely optional.