Xbox One vs PS4 or Godzilla vs Kong – A terrifying look at the Xbox One

With the Xbox One and PS4 both selling rather well, we take a more open minded look at the Xbox One games console in the face of its PS4 and Wii U competitors, drawing comparison with old school  clashes of the titans such as Godzilla versus King Kong of the 1960s. The Xbox One is still a very smart piece of entertainment kit, and seems to be drawing in punters with its distinct features. Take a look at our hyperbolic and somewhat parodic Xbox One vs PS4 video for the full picture.


  • brianc6234

    Don’t waste your money on the Xbone. Microsoft doesn’t deserve your money. Time for that company to die.

    • kevin

      Sorry I feel the other company does deserve my money , as an American I don’t want Microsoft to die nor should it .