Wartune busted using false Adult Only ESRB rating info

You may or may not have seen adverts running on popular video game websites advertising the Chinese developed browser game Wartune. In case you haven’t here’s an image from one of the adverts.

AO wartune

wartune ao 3

What’s interesting is that the game, like many others before it, is using sex to entice young gamers into its fold. There’s an abundance of scantily clad women used in its advertising which perhaps isn’t anything unusual especially if one can remember those awful Evony adverts. However, there are two points of interest here. One, the game itself does not contain any adult content, so if you’re expecting full on sexual content as you battle and spend on your credit card, then forget it. Two, the ESRB has not even rated the game. We conducted a search and couldn’t find Wartune on their website, not even rated Mature (M).

ESRB AO ratings

Apparently one person (AngelikMayhem) contacted the ESRB and got the following response:

“Thank you for contacting the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

The ESRB is a non-profit, self-regulatory body that assigns ratings for video games and apps so consumers, particularly parents, can make informed decisions about their suitability for their children.

At this point it appears as though Wartune has not been rated by ESRB. We will address this issue promptly by contacting the game’s publisher and appreciate your bringing it to our attention.


Entertainment Software Rating Board”

This raises some issues over false advertising, and perhaps abusing the ESRB’s imagery. We’re no legal experts or are sure of the legal ramifications of such actions, but this seems like a pretty low move by whoever is in control of 7Road and GameFuse LLC’s advertising.

Wartune Gameplay videos:


Written by: Robert Cram

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  • JD

    Always true: Sex sells

  • Cameron

    I remember seeing the top ad on Cinemassacre and looked it up. I saw absolutely nothing about the game that would make it seem like an adult game. Not even on ESRB.

  • HungryHoodlum

    The funniest thing is that I decided to play this to see if all of these advertisements were true, namely the fact that Wartune wasn’t the only one. My first thought logging onto the game while using Kongregate was that Kongregate was not the type of site to host such a game. And then I encounter no nudity, no sex, nothing. In fact, just to be idiotic, I made myself a female character. Still, it wasn’t much but a simplistic click on text adventure game. Sure, there were boss fights and pvp actions, but for the bosses, usually the number of people actually fighting was probably more than 300 players, with around 10 players actually doing damage. How this was calculated was through a meter on the right, stating your damage to the boss in percents. I for one haven’t gotten past 1% and I’m lvl 45. The truly outrageous thing is seeing the top ranked players score at least 10%. And as for the loot? It goes to whoever scores the LAST HIT. Aside from semi-rigged boss battles, there’s a farm that you can take care of for Gold and Daru, Daru being used to upgrade troops that you control. There’s also more content unlocked per 10 levels or so, like betting, Tank Trials, the Blessing Wheel, and Mounts. But what makes this one more pay-to-win game is the fact that Everyone GETS THE SAME ITEMS!!! When Level 40 is reached, Mounts are unlocked. Basically, you get a white horse. But it’s not just any white horse, it’s a massively produced white horse found on nearly half of the players. On the other hand, there’s some people strutting around on tigers and pandas, but the only difference is the stats buff the animals give, since Wartune basically has no map, and relies on dungeon maps for mobility. Aside from that too, back to the main issue of the false ads. The only remotely sexual content in this game would be women in bathing suits. There are costumes you can buy (Real cash needed of course) that transform your battle lady into a bikini girl. But no nudity, AND the fact that the bikini gives a tiny boost, something like a 20% chance to reduce mana cost of a spell. Of course, the game comes with the highly enthralling option of playing for 26 days consecutive for 200 vouchers, which can buy the cash items like costumes, wings, weapons, etc. And as seen through the videos above, the combat is very non-interactive. On higher bosses, you will easily die if not super-buffed, only achievable by camping which is basically engaging in PvP fights which raise Exp levels very slowly while not doing any large Exp missions in order to be amazingly strong at your level. The game runs on a Battle Rating system, which gauges your strength.
    If I recall correctly, my BR was somewhere around 14000, and that wasn’t high at all. In fact most other level 45 or above people on my server had a BR of around 63000, which definitely requires dedication, or even better, real money deposits.
    Aside from all of that now, what this whole rant was supposed to say was that Wartune, regardless of all the fun it’s been over the past 3 years, isn’t worth the price paid. It lags often, which will usually result in battles where your opponent gets to go 3 times and your turn gets skipped due to lag. Usually, you lose. On dungeons too, there will be freezes where you’ll be at full HP one second and dead the next. It’s a horribly laggy game, but fun for beginning gamers as it’s pretty simple to understand. But whatever you do, don’t fall for the ads promoting sexual stuff. It’s not anything sexual.
    In fact , there’s now newer games like League of Angels that are doing the same thing. The funny part? League of Angels is literally an exact copy of Wartune, except with different characters and familiars. And best of all, they all use fake ads.
    Take no heed of these ads and stay safe fellow Gamers!!