Resident Evil 6 DLC worth the price?

Capcom’s first batch of paid for downloadable content makes its way to Xbox 360 on the 18th of December, but with a price tag attached , are the extras worth the investment?  Being realistic, the price for each mode is only 320 MSP which roughly translates to about £3 which isn’t too bad, however, gamers can make further savings if they buy all three modes in a pack for just 720 MSP –  similar to a buy two get one free offer. The biggest question is, having rinsed out Mercenaries mode, beaten the campaign solo and co-op and delved into Agent Hunt modes, are these additions going to be worth it. We’ll save our judgement as to whether Resident Evil 6 DLC is worth the price in our full review, but for now, take a look at our hands on impressions having played the modes at Capcom HQ yesterday.

  • xino

    silly article and video.
    you asked are the DLC worth the price? yet you couldn’t even answer the question:/

    • robertcram

      It was a rhetorical question, leaving it up to the viewer to make their own judgement based on what was presented and also considering it wasn’t a review.